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California On Fire, photos by R. Shantz/Robinson taken at Lewis Park, Claremont, CA, in between Danbury and Bridgeport Streets across from Niagaraon Syracuse.

6/20/16, 3:25 PM


POMONA car crash.

Photos taken by R. Shantz/Robinson across from 675 Foothill Blvd nearthe Shell Station on 05'31/16 at the corner of Towne/Foothill in Pomona, CA,  Elevation, 850 above sea level.

NOTES of interest: Accident took place directly across from Carducci's and Foxy Lady at 00:18 to 00:41 PM. One female officer stepped off her motorcycle and took a lost tire from the car off the street and dropped it at R. Shantz/Robinson's feet beside a hydro pole with 1632580 stamped on it where these photos were taken. One of two fire hydrants was wiped out and two trees were hit at the wreckage scene by the demolished car.

 Sign at 3640 Towne Blvd, approximately 100 yds from crash site in front of Walgreens

 Crash Pic 1

 Pic 3, demolished car and fire hydrant

 Crash Pic 2

 Pic 4, demolished car and fire hydrant

Crash Pic 3, female officer's motorycle who dropped torn off car tire at my feet at sign post 1632580E

 The Revive church, just to the right of crash , post directly across from crash

 Post crash Pic 1, tree 1 hit

Post crash Pic 3, replaced fire hydrant beside second tree hit

Sign post a few yards down from crash site 1632580E where tire was dropped and all photos were taken

Orange sign post one post down from 2nd, across at the Shell Station at 1091Foothill

 Post crash Pic 2 tree 2 hit

Post crash Pic  4

Last series of photos taken after the accident opposite the Revive Church across from at sign post 132 on Towne Avenue, across from Foxy Laty, which are across from Retro Fitness(795 Foothill Blvd), dated 01/11/17.

NOTE: new photo added, pic 10, though it looks yellow, is in orange/black numerology directly across from crash scene. See E-TRON DOCUMENTARAIES: The Green Diary



Photos below: lead pencil mark in right palm in pic. 1. Though the pic is turned upward, the natural downward angle is an appropriate theme when outheld in a handshake, similar to Pic 2, an upside down Apollo space craft symbol. AKA half of a tetrahedRON or Star David which was, in ancient times, perhaps known as the Eye Of Ra or Aten disc. Series of photos taken at 400 Arrow Street at the now removed El Camino School beside a gold house at 390 Arrow Highway in between the largest cross streets of Orange and Maple, across from Palomares Park in Pomona, California, with Kimball in between. Other than, perhaps, the vesica piscis aka fruit of life symbol(Star David), its authentic symbology is unknown other than, perhaps, symbolizing the square root of three: 1.732.1 or approximately 1.73(vesica piscis)

NOTE: All materials and comments, themes etc, in E-TRON DOCUMENTARIES by R Shantz/Robinson are subjective.

Lead pencil mark on left upper corner of pyramidial shape

Ron, right side of space capsule identified by the R

Brian, seen on theleft side of space capsule

Ron, full depiction on right of capsule

Ceramics, Sculptures

Ron, seen on right side of space capsule a foot away

Skate, seen on right beside Ron, now partially cemented over

Brian, full depiction to the left of capsule

Crossing bicycle tracks to left of capsule

Footstep, to the left of the capsule

All photos taken by R. Shantz/Robinson, taken 2016, circa 1970-71. See Swan Song, New Dundee and Marked for further details in E-TRON DOCUMENTARIES: The Green Diary.