Ideas are irrelevant without the execution of them. Execution indicates skill level, creativity and natural talent. Timing and pacing are everything, and ninety nine percent of writing is rewriting.


Heartstreet, Ronnie And The Electrons.docx Heartstreet, Ronnie And The Electrons.docx
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The Lost World Of Titanc

(44:11 mins)

Operation Blue Star

(59:22 mins)



Song track from Carnal Lady...

Track from Low Down Johnny Brown...


Track from Book Of Letters...

Track from Book Of Letters...


Cover of Taylor Swift's...


Track from Book Of Letters...

.Cover of Arianna Grande's..

Cover of Arianna Grande's...

Track from Carnal Lady...


Cover of Wilson Picket's...

Track from Octavio And Damayanti...

Track from Octavio And Damayanti...


Track from Book Of Letters...

Track from Book Of Letters..

Track from The Infiltrator...

Track from Sonnet For Salnalema...


Cover of Elvis Presley's...

Cover of The Beatle's...


Track from Crnal Lady....

Selena Gomez cover...


Song track from Octavio And Damayanti...

Song track from Sonnet For Salnalema..


Track from The Infiltrator...

Track from Octavio And Damayanti...

An original track...

Track from Low Down Johnny Brown...


Cover of America's...

Cover of AC/DC's...


Track from Sonnet For Salnalema...

An original song track...


4 Non Blondes cover...

Selena Gomez cover ..


Rolling Stones cover...

Elvis Presley cover..




Heartstreet, Ronnie And The Electrons.docx Heartstreet, Ronnie And The Electrons.docx
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Love Tides song track from CARNAL LADY, for sale at LULU.COM


Biopic on White Star Line's Titanic disaster of 1912.

Biopic on The Gigantic tragedy, the sister ship of White Star Line's Titanic.







































































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Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


SHORT STORY 1: A hideous karma monster after a Damsel in distress under the protection of her only ally,world renowned  detective Henry Adelman Peabody The Third in The Yesterday Man...

SHORT STORY 2:A lowly ex museum worker going back in time to rescue a Lost Princess who didn't exist in the Kingdom Of Meezei in The Lost Princess..

SHORT STORY 3:Brutal aliens from a Dark Galaxy wanting their stolen goods returned by petty thieves who stole them from their spacecraft in a secludedforest  in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... see them at LULU>COM


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Low Down Johnny Brown

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The Infiltrator

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Carnal Lady

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The Mesopotamia

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The Last Android

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The Continuum

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The Deviant

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The Wolf Of Lexington Heights

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Octavio And Damayanti

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The Observer

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Sonnet For Salnalema

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The Electron Jungle

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The Electron Jungle 2

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Electronten Theatre

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Short Story

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Midnight Catalogue

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Comic Monster

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Midnight Catalogue 2

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Off Night Shorts

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Off Night Shorts 2

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Comic Monster 2

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Book Of Letters

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Book Of Letters 2


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Electronten Theatre 2: "The Angry Man"

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Electronten Theatre: "The Hidden Face Of Evil"


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New Galaxy 66, by Ronnie Shantz/Robinson

Ep 1 "Ronnie And The Electrons"

Ep 2 "King Minos And Britomartis"



FULL LENGTH SCRIPTS synopses/listings

1.CARNAL LADY (125pgs) What would you do if, while grieving over having just cheated on your fiancé, you stumbled upon your secret star crush on a hot steamy night in the dark streets of Hollywood in heels, leather jacket, painted on jeans and a body that'd open a dead man's eyes? What any normal hot blooded fool would: ask her out and get in even deeper with no way out.(SC)


Tracy, Todd's fiancé...

Todd and Ashaya Avi Ima...

Imagine the nerve of love... sometimes love is a gamble.  Carnal Lady.


2.THE MESOPOTAMIA (94pgs)  After booking a journey on White Star Line's newest luxury liner for his tenth anniversary with his wife, a museum curator falls for the innocent charms of ravishing Celestine De'Augustine under the watchful eye of the captain of the Mesopotamia and her high society friends including her husband Nick as they cruise on their way toward disaster.(SC-V)



3.THE LAST ANDROID (107pgs) After intercepting an archaic message in deep space, two armadas from different sides of the universe get caught in a brutal game of cat and mouse with an ancient android race living in a black hole(V).




4.SONNET FOR SALNALEMA (110pgs) After the girl of his dreams disappears without a trace, an obsessive teenager falls into the abyss and fails to regain his equilibrium until her shocking return two years later only to find the reasons behind her disappearance may be more than he can withstand.(SC)



5.OCTAVIO AND DAMAYANTI (106pgs) After spotting the beautiful daughter of his new billionaire employer, an inner city youth decides to go all out to win the hand of fair maiden using his only ally: an old East Indian fable named The Golden Swan, a story about the most beautiful girl in the world with his good looks, savvy and charm in 1964 Hollywood(SC).



6.THE DEVIANT (118pgs)  After opening up a corridor to an alternate dimension, a molecular biologist unwittingly draws a brutal non existent alien entity into earth's dimension, ending in a catastrophic series of sexual assaults on the female population worldwide, all of which somehow fits the sexual interest profile of one of his patient's a decade earlier.(SC-V)



7.THE OBSERVER (91pgs) While attempting to keep an innocent Hispanic client from incarceration, a suave attorney stumbles upon a modified ole boys network behind the conspiracy, suddenly finding an unknown alien ally assisting him through the vessel of his fiancé and various Hollywood films and TV shows, with catastrophic results.(SC-V)



8.THE INFILTRATOR (91pgs) After being mistakenly released from a mental ward for the criminally insane, an odd mental ward patient decides to work on his positive confrontation problem and infiltrates the mob underworld due to a decade old vendetta and one of the mob kingpin's fiancés he's become enamored with.(SC-V)



9.THE CONTINUUM (95pgs) In order to put the brutal death of his wife and daughter behind him, an Asian sheriff takes a job in a small mid western town and finds there's more to the haunting town and death of his wife and daughter years earlier than he'd realized, ending in a fight for his life and series of connections in an alternate realm where nothing is as it seems(V).


10. THE WOLF OF LEXINGTON HEIGHTS (112PGS) After noticing a down and out transient intermittently sitting on the steps of a billionaire's corporate headquarters, a ravishing East Indian police detective covertly awaits the showdown between a down and out transient, Timothy Ducket, who is lured into a house of games by billionaire Joshua Lexington of the Billionaire's Club where the winner finds he may not be the winner and the loser may not be the loser at its conclusion.



11.LOW DOWN JOHNNY BROWN (110pgs): After thwarting an airline hijacking, infamous Low Down Johnny Brown is given the annoying task of protecting an obnoxious married couple whose marriage is on the rocks amidst witnessing a brutalHollywood slaying by a criminal sect known as The Hierarchy, the supposed second coming of Helter Skelter(ON SALE SOON)


 SHORT SCRIPTS synopses/listings



1. The Library (34pgs)

While attempting to put the moves on the objects of their affection, a pushover library manager and his assistant find there's more to courtship and the female mind than they'd realized. Especially when Mom and Dad come to the rescue with their savvy and wisdom, ending in a win-win ending. Just...not for them.




2. ONTV (32pgs)

An overwhelmed executive for a tiny sutdio finds his show has become the hit of the land while attempting to keep control of his off the wall show hosts, outlandish guests, and in-house power struggle between the gals and the guys where the losers must submit to the innermost wishes of the winners.



THE ELECTRON JUNGLE 2 synopses/listings

1. A Rugged Man  (30pgs)

While attempting to recover from his divorce, a loudmouth divorcee realizes there's more to his 12 year old neighbor, her overly developed psychology professor sister, his ex wife and his roomie who all band together to help him get date worthy again and become a better man--A RUGGED MAN--in order to date her(ongoing serial)



2.The Unauthorized Biography Of Joe Blow (38pgs) 

After sending a letter to the President of the United States, a loud mouthed, pot bellied, cigar smokin' throwback to the 1940's blue collar worker from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, named Joe Blow and his cronies are invited to the White House by President Maggert himself in order to show his more touchy teely side to his constituants only to have it backfrie with the mid realization Joe himself has an eye on the Presidential chair himself.


ELECTRONTEN THEATRE synopses/listings

1.The Hidden Face Of Evil  (56pgs)

A group of highly acclaimed actors audition for a theatre sadistic director who has an alterior motive for the audition with catastrophic results.



COMIC MONSTER synopses/listings

1.The Frogman Of Constinople (14ogs)

An aging billionaire decides to become the new rap artist of the world on a whim as a new endeavor and finds there may be more to becoming a rap idol than meets the eye.


2.Esche (16pgs)

A college student attempts wooing a mysterious Pakistanian beauty and finds there's more to the mind and heart of a female, especially one  from another culture than he'd realized,


3.Emerald  (20pgs)

Two out of town McDonalds workers stalk and evaluate the repercussions of wooing two high classed Hollywood socialies and agonize over being left for a couple jet set mover/shakers. All before approaching them for a date.



4.The Roominghouse (24pgs) 

A hands off janitor keeps mopping  up during the ongoing shananigans in The Roominghouse when B movie producer Joe Director and his every woman's wannabe sidekick Joe Writer discover a killer inside who leaves a silver bullet in everyone's mailbox, including Miss Glamor, the screen  Glamor Queen wannabe  Today's caper... "The Bullet Man Cometh".



COMIC MONSTER 2 synopses/listings

1.A Dangerous Man, A Dangerous Woman (18pgs)

A homeless and talented street musician is approached by what he considersthe perfect woman on her way to becoming a singing star and gets in a war of relationship differences due to their different views on sex, love and courtship, eventually realizing they were made for each other.



2. Outside The House (8pgs)

A peculiar partygoer attempts remaining separated from any personal contact outside the house in all his interactions with the world at large, all his friends and neighborhood, with peculiar results.


3. A Blue Minute (20pgs)

A peculiar white collar executive attempts wooing a Russian beauty who's heart and soul is hooked on another with the idea he and his friends can swing her his way no matter the seriousness of her relationship, with somewhat enlightening results(SC).


4. Soap Opera (8pgs)

Can a soap opera actor go through life without speaking a word onscreen and off in a vocation where speaking is imperative for employment and especially in garnering the interest from fans and someone's he's enamored with including friends, family and co workers, or will time expose the impossibility of his endeavor?


5.The Peculiar World Of Ory Pebo (10pgs)

During the last night of his life, a theater director/manager puts on one final performance in his empty theater for a homeless transient who happened to pass by during a mob hit, ending in a moment of enlightenment during the peak of his suicide(V).



6.A Simple Tale About Nothing (18pgs)

After being brutally dumped in a restaurant in front of his fiance's girls, a man evaluates the pro's and cons of jumping off a bridge or accepting a date by a luscious bombshell taking in his predicament from her convertible behind him.



7.The Doorway (3pgs)

Too afraid to ask the woman of his dreams out on a date, a man is caught peeping through her executive hotel doorway and is intercepted by a go getter executive who gives him a 'watch me' how its done and asks her out for him. With rather peculiar results.


OFF NIGHT SHORTS synopses/listings

1. Scenario (6pgs))

A world class  author of erotica discovers his fiance is covertly playing out the characters in his stories, and realizes there may be one final story before his retirement.


2. The Warehouse (6pgs)

A hitman kidnaps a femme fetale and chains her up naked in a warehouse in order to break her down, only to find he may've bitten off more than he can chew.


3. The Remains Of Ferris Bimple (10pgs)

A sociopath finds there may be more to his marriage vows and true love than he'd imagine while stumbling uponthe death of their son in a gun battled with police on the 6 o'clock news.


4.Remnant (2pgs)

After a nuclear planet wide holocaust, the last man standing has a rather peculiar choice to make concerning the continuation of his species.


5.The Bus (5pgs)

While on a journey to their prison, a mistreated bus full of chain gang prisoners innocently incarcerated find their brutal treatment is interrupted by the unlikliest of sources.


6. The Ceiling (4pgs)

After being on the run for years, a man finally clues in there's no escape from his assassin, the Sythe Man, who's  only intention is to hack him apart with a sythe.



7. The Camera (8pgs)

After making a wish in a wishing well, a couple find themselves on the run from various assassins and a mysterious film crew and Director who's only interest is getting it on film before their sadistic demise.



8. Caught (3pgs)

Mid battle in WW2, a trio of America troopers get into an inside battle to the death with a squad of german gustapo in order to fulfill one last good deed on earth: saving the wife of one of the gustapo generals due to an affair with oen of their fellow G.I.'s.



 OFF NIGHT SHORTS 2 synopses/listings

1.A Blue Moment (5pgs)

What are the pro's and cons of venting your relationship problems to a total stranger at a bar who may have a different perspective on your situation than your own?



2.Short Story

A man reaches the end of the line when he's finally tracked down for a brutal series of assassinations in a covert governmental experiment he didn't commit, realizing this time around was a short story.



3. TheRules Of Color (8pgs)

In 1950's Mississippi, an African American man on the run finds there's more to the little town he'd stumbled into after robbing a white owned mom and pop store where he finds the only safe haven is on the white bench in KKK territory(V).(produced by the UNITY PLAYERS ENSEMBLE in Los Angeles) (NOTE: Also available in screenplay format in MIDNIGHT CATALOGUE)




4.The Restroom (5pgs)

If the entire planet was out to kill you for entertainment, is there anywhere you can hide, and if so, for how long can you survive alone where everyone you know and don't know wants you dead?(V)


5.Bus Stop (6pgs)

If no one were the wiser, given the opportunity, is there one person in the world you'd have one time sex with upon the first encounter no matter your outlook on life?


6.The Demise Of Telford Whitaker The 3rd (3pgs)

If you were a white collar criminal and believed you'd reached the end of the line, how would you end your life in a way that would stamp your legacy if no one wee around to witness the event?

7.The Wall (7pgs)

What would happen if a mysterious wall followed you around everywhere taking you back in time throughout history where each time you were castigated by the powers of the times?




8. Five Million Chicadees (3pgs) 

A dying man lives the last few moments of his life after a shootout in a restaurant discussing the accidental death of a woman's husband killed in the melee while probing for her take on his relationship problems.(V)


9.Girlfriend biopic (6pgs) 

If you decided one day to ask your dream girl whom you'd never met or even spoken with to be your girlfriend, what do you suppose her reaction would be if she indeed were willing to listen to your romantic plea?


10. The Talking Head (5pgs)

Is there a toll to pay in the world around a scorned woman, around her boss, friends, new lovers, insurance company billing company  etc.should she be unable to deal with her boyfriend leaving her for someone more interesting?



MIDNIGHT CATALOGUE synopses/listings

1. Candy Mountain (20pgs)

Two couples vacation in the rocky mountains of British Columbia, Canada, in order to work out their marriage problems only to find a terrifying stranger appearing on the scene, leaving them realizing they've long since passed the point of no return. (SC)




2. The Theater (21pgs)

When strange things happen in a mysterious theater, a desperate man finds himself paralleling the storyline in different ways when the lead actor and a provocative red haired dame in the movie he'd been watching periodically shows up in a bar and other places giving him tips about how to survive his assassination.

Dont miss the only Pakistanian P.I. in America, Ronnie Electron, when he takes on the High Heel Girls and the Hatchet Man in... Moon Over Atlanta.




MIDNIGHT CATALOGUE 2 synopses/listings

1. The Snow (16pgs)

If your plane went down in the arctic in the mid 50's and you stumbled upon a beautiful alien female who'd been covertly hiding out there since the dawning of man, what would happen if you wanted more from her than just spending a little downtime with her as she waged war on her alien exilers? (SC)



2. The Elevator (20pgs)

After being contacted by a mysterious woman in an elevator from an alternate universe,  a computer President of the United States gives a mall worker a national security assignment as a last resort to help eliminate an alien threat which is about to take over the planet from another dimension.



3. Forever (16pgs)

An escaped convict on the run becomes a stowaway on an experimental plane with a science Professor and his two associates and ends up in a dimension where the inhabitants resemble a sci fi comic book, with catastrophic results.



SONGBOOKS (lyrics)


BOOK OF LETTERS songlistings

1.  Book Of Letters

2.  Expiration Date

3.  Whatever Happens, Happens

4.  Letter To The Editor

5.  Ecstasy

6.  Demons In The Night

7.  Ghost Castle

8.  Sky Rope

9.  White Sands Of Kashmir

10  Rock Song Crying

11.  Perpendicular Man

12.  70 Years Too Late

13. Nite Trippin'

14. The Envelope

15. Derelict Of Yesterday

16. Who Knows What If When Tells Why

17. Red Chest Trinket

18. Britomartis Of Aigina

19. Subjective Man

20. Replay

21. Urgent Care

22. Time Letter

23. Dirty Thoughts

24. Dark Day

35. Once Said

26. Walking Out Loud

27. Sky Diving In The Sky

28. Massa Thief

29. Lover's Salute

30. Octavio And Damayanti


BOOK OF LETTERS 2 song listings

1.  The Baron Of Nothing

2.  Jail Of Mirrors

3.  The Paperboy

4.  Overdraw

5.  Cry, Cry, Cry

6.  Midnight Dragon

7.  Cinderella Blues

8   Curtain Call

9.  Love Tides

10. Mirage

11.  Wannabe

12. The Skinny

13. Dream Inside A Bomb

14  Maestro Underground

15. The Door

16. The Air

17. Layaway

18. Why, Bogey, Why

19. New M.O.

20. The Mesopotamia

21. Ostrich In The Den

22. The Alligator blues

23. Walking Through A Mine Field

24. Secondary Man

25. All The Ways

26. Dark Days

27. Minute Love

28. Get Mine

29. Why

30. Encapture

31. Climb

32. Word Buff Stuff

33. Naked Girls

34. Spaceship Made Of Lead

35.  Sexy Girl

36. War Song

37. Scroll

























R. Shantz/Robinson on a Maestro Gibson guitar

Andrew Carnegie Building on College St. in beautiful Claremont, CA.