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Born Half German and half African American, with the African American being half Arabian of some sort according to family history, I was raised in the snow drifts of Southern Ontario after being born in NJ. Looking for fulfillment, I drifted across the continent on the east, middle and western provinces of Canada as well as the United States, first in Atlantic City and presently Los Angeles. With a certificate in videography and a few plays produced in Los Angeles with good reviews in the LA Times and surrounding newspapers, I decided to change course with an eye toward the video/film industry. With over a hundred materials written for sale on this site, the objective is to produce some or all of them for production as well as for other artists when funding permits., of which will be solicited on this site sometime in the future.  


Listed on this site are various materials for sale, of which will be updated with video fare etc. in the future in the categories listed above in the dashboard. Created for the purpose as an outlet for various types of eclectic, mainstream and experimental artwork, the main objective is a platform for art from various perspectives, disciplines and mediums.

Ronnie Shantz/Robinson, ELECTRON PICTURES, Founder/Owner.

  Mailing Address:

    Ronnie Robinson, 112 Harvard Avenue, #74, Claremont, CA  9171

    909 788 5000(text)